CAW is structured and operated in five divisions which deliver services and capabilities that are most valuable to our customers businesses:

CAW offers comprehensive repair capabilities in our super facility, complete with diagnostic and testing capabilities for almost any type of electric motor, alternator and generator. CAW specializes in custom predictive maintenance programs designed to detect equipment problems before they cause costly downtime.

CAW Pumps division offers a state-of-the-art testing and repair facility for submersible pumps and motor sets. We provide our customers with accurate and precise submersible pump and motor set performance information, using sophisticated testing procedures compliant with International Standards.

CAW Rail division is a complete repair facility specializing in the repair, overhaul, and rewinding of traction motors, generators, alternators and related equipment used in the rail industry. We work closely with our rail industry customers, guaranteeing 24-hour service from highly qualified and experienced staff.

The CAW Engineerings division offers industry-specific knowledge and experience. Our customers can count on our ability to provide engineering solutions when mechanical problems arise. CAW Engineering’s’ fully equipped workshop includes arc spray services.


The CAW Electrical division supplies safe, reliable and efficient services at reasonable prices.Specialising in electrical installations, MV equipment and cabling, maintenance and breakdown assistance, and refurbishment.


At CAW we pride ourselves in having the Western Cape’s most comprehensive full-service electrical motor repair facility. With 3000m2 of factory floor space, we offer you the complete solution.