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CAW is a Level 4 BBBEE status

CAW is wholeheartedly committed to the principles of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and to responsible and productive Corporate Social Investment. We remain committed to transformation and complies with the newly amended BBBEE Codes as announced in September 2016.

True BBBEE cannot be built just on equity ownership or employment equity or equity ownership. It is about creating prosperity for South Africans; having black executive leadership in the business; bringing in skills development; taking part in meaningful job creation; looking after the under-privileged and also to help keep the best people at CAW.

CAW is whole-heartedly committed to South Africa’s transformation agenda, and we firmly believe that “transformation is more sustainable when there is growth in a company, because it allows you to make changes by growing your capacity rather than by trying to create new positions that you don’t need.”


CAW were awarded their BBBEE Level Four rating by  BBBEE Approved registered auditors, Moore Stephens Verification and Consulting.

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Value to our customers

We are happy to remind our customers that our current BBBEE status means that you can obtain more value out of your procurement spend.

How this works, is that by our company qualifying as a BBBEE Level 4 contributor and as well as a value added supplier, that a percentage of your spend with CAW services improves your BBBEE scorecard under the Preferential Procurement category.



The Kamvalethu Foundation

CAW is a business partner of The Kamvalethu Foundation. Kamvalethu is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and Trust. We partner with some of the most exciting and promising projects in the education landscape in South Africa. This Trust also serves to secure ownership points in terms of BBB-EE legislation for our business partners. We believe children should have access to a good education, regardless of where they live Having access to a basic quality education allows you to have a greater choice in your own life trajectory. Your abilities, not your location should determine your success. Kamvalethu’s beneficiaries are all previously disadvantaged children, under the age of 18, residing in under resourced areas. Our business takes seriously the call for South Africa to be rebuilt and live out its potential. Visit the Foundation Website Here.

CAW has developed strategies for transformation within the following areas:

Socio-Economic Development

CAW have a proud history of partnering with Ikhaya Le Themba to provide support for child orphans and training of caregivers for HIV/Aids home-based care for the previously disadvantaged.

Skills Development


CAW will continue to invest in the development and upliftment of internal staff with a focus on achievement of recognised qualifications and recognition of prior learning.

Management Control

CAW will provide continued investment in growing the internal leadership and appointment of black senior managers.

Enterprise & Supplier Development


CAW provides support for the operational and financial development and sustainability of CAW Tech (Pty) Ltd. Our focus is to provide support to beneficiaries of income generating projects, to enhance their capacity for long term sustainability and to build basic business skills.