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26 Ton Dredge Motor Repair

CAW repairs a 26 ton dredge motor used during diamond mining off the Namibian coast. This project involved the repair to a 26 ton dredge motor used for underwater excavation from a major self-contained floating mining operation off the Namibian coast.

The ship carries a remotely controlled seabed crawler, which undertakes the mining (or dredging), and is connected to the ship by an internal diameter rubber hose through which the seabed material is pumped to the plant, using a 26 ton centrifugal dredge pump. The dredge is operated by powerful dredge motors. The technological advancement in offshore diamond mining has greatly increased, with the sip and crawler being able to work at approximately 1,000 square metres an hour, at water depths of 150 metres.

These vessels attempt to remain at sea continuously for approximately 2 ½ years before returning to port for repairs. It is therefore critical that dredge motors are repaired to precision. For more information on this project, view the gallery images below.