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CAW has a large super facility located at Killarney Gardens, Cape Town in South Africa

The CAW super facility specialises in electric and mechanical repair, testing to all types of AC and DC motors, alternators, generators and submersible pumps.

With its 3 000m2 floor space, it is the newest and largest of its kind in the Western Cape with all motor repairs done in-house and on-site, ensuring a quicker turn-around time and guaranteeing clients a total and cost-effective solution.


CAW Facility Capabilities

  • AC LV up to 800 kw
  • DC Motors up to to 3000 kw
  • MV Motors (3,3KV-6,6KV) 185KW – 5000 kw
  • Alternators up to to 7000 kva
  • Pumps—centrifugal/submersible/vacuum
  • Submersible Pumps up to to 450 kw
  • Vibrator Motors
  • LV Brakes & Transformers
  • Field & Interpole Coils
  • Traction Motors

40 Ton Lifting Capacity

CAW’s facility has overhead cranes capable of lifting 40 tons, and large workshop entry areas for ease of access for larger motors.

For smaller motors there are 8 ton, and two 2 ton cranes, 5 ton and 12 ton crane trucks.

Standby Generators

We have ensured and guaranteed that we experience no work interruptions or delays, in the case of Eskom load shedding or power failure.

Our generators can power our entire operation so that we continue to offer our normal turnaround times and testing during these events.

Computerised Balancing Machine

CAW’s computerized Balancing Machine features hard-bearing balancing , allowing the machine to be exactly calibrated.  The balancing machine remains calibrated for any rotor with the capacity and speed range of the machine. The balancing machine is equipped with a printer, giving us the ability to print reports for our customers.

Sandblasting Bays

CAW has two sandblasting bays.


These are used to remove rust, paint, grease, corrosion from any metal on motors.

Baking Ovens

CAW facility has three baking ovens, large enough to contain larger stators and rotors after the removal of grease, oil, dirt and water.

Burnout Oven

Our burnout oven is used for stripping and burning out the winding and varnishes from motors.

VPI Varnish System

CAW uses a fully automated Vacuum Pressure Impregnation System (VPI).

300 Ton Press

CAW’s 300 ton press used for removing broken shafts from rotors.

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