CAW Believes in Investing in Training to Invest in the Future


In the modern workplace, training and development has become a critical issue. In today’s business environment there is an increased expectation from staff that they will receive appropriate learning in order to keep up with industry changes or face being replaced by someone who can do so more efficiently than them.

More critically, in the electromechanical field, we are faced with an aging workforce who will take their skills with them when they retire. This leaves a vacuum in skills of future recruits. This is why there is a need to upskill and train new talent in skills such as armature winding, fitting and turning, toolmaking, engineering, low voltage technicality, and rotating equipment. 

There are many tertiary institutes in South Africa that provide courses in these areas. Plus, the rise of new government initiatives have led people both within companies as well as outside looking at ways for developing the requisite skills adequately enough. 

The Problem

Now is a great time to invest in the development and training of technicians. Why do we say this? The need for skilled technicians in the electromechanical field is not waning, however, the pool of talent is dwindling. How are we to meet that need unless there is an investment in training and development?

The Solution

It is absolutely essential that investment in training is initiated and sustained, especially in the presence of disruption such as that caused by the pandemic. 

At CAW, we opt to approach training and development as an investment, rather than as an expense. Not only does this give us the competitive advantage, it also ensures we are always able to provide our clients with the very latest in technology, expertise, and skills.

Enquire About the Next Course with CAW

trainingAt CAW, we see training and development as an integral part of our strategic and business plans, and not as a short-term cost. Not only do we use our existing resources to address gaps in skills of our existing staff through regular knowledge-sharing, workshops, and Q&A sessions, but we align ourselves with tertiary institutes to support new talent in the field. 

CAW is proud to announce that we will shortly provide training for the core skills in our industry through an exciting training and development program. 

In this way, by empowering future generations of skills technicians, we are guaranteed to grow and cope with change. This safeguards the uninterrupted services we provide to our clients, and that they will always get the best. 

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