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With the experience, the equipment and the expertise to service and repair your electric motors, CAW is the electro mechanical solutions provider of choice in the Western Cape.


With expertise and equipment provided locally, you get faster, more efficient repairs and services.


industriesAs more and more companies demand service providers to have experience in their industry, electric motor repairers need to have the proven expertise to meet their unique needs. CAW builds value for customers through our deep industry expertise in a broad range of industries.

This expertise extends from a more than a 50-year legacy of innovation and service excellence, and allows us to step into an array of facility types and quickly improve operational efficiency and reduce motor repair and maintenance costs – we don’t have to waste time learning the specialized environments of a particular industry.

Our ability to understand the unique operational, safety and regulatory framework that can impact various industry-specific requirements reduces your risk and gives you peace of mind when it comes to repairing your critical electrical AC and DC motors, alternators and generators.

Our sales teams, account managers and operational managers are thoroughly trained to respond to the specific needs of each customer and assemble the response and services that address the operating environments and urgency that exist at each customer facility.




CAW specializes in repair services for rewinding and overhauling your rotating equipment for the mining industry, and are dedicated to help assist mines operate more efficiently.

We have the capacity to perform a range of machinery and equipment repairs in our own workshop - specifically for motors used in the mining industry and other hazardous environments.

In addition, we have the ability to repair any fixed plant equipment, such as conveyor drives, pump drives, crusher motors, mill motors and feed motors through our field service and mobile workshop facility.


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Marine / Fishing

CAW has invested in infrastructure, equipment and skills to enable the company to repair larger, specialized motors used in the maritime industry (rigs and ships) - including the fishing, oil and gas industries.

Our load testing facility can load test motors up to 450 KW in both directions at 60HZ, simulating in-situ conditions. We have 40 ton lifting capabilities as well as a large entrance to our facility, enabling us to handle larger motors, alternators and generators.

CAW has the flameproof, (EXD) and non-spark (EXN) certification that is required for the repairs to explosion proof equipment utilized on most vessels and rigs in the oil and gas industry. 


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Water and Sanitation

CAW specialises in the repair and refurbishment of pumps and related equipment for water production and transportation as well as waste water collection and treatment for municipalities and industries. Our experienced technicians have been successfully rewinding and rebuilding  motors for over four decades for municipal water & sanitation facilities.

CAW's submersible pump test facility can offer customers the precise performance of their pump and motor set, through this state-of-the-art facility – the only pump testing facility of its kind in the Western Cape. CAW has extensive experience in the successful repair of numerous different makes of submersible pump sets including for the City of Cape Town’s submersible sewage pumps.


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CAW offers specialist solutions for repairs and overhauling of electric motors, generators and alternators.

Based in Cape Town, CAW is capable of offering a complete solution to the commercial maritime and defense industry, providing repairs and overhauling, installations, maintenance and support services.

CAW offers full service maintenance and repair of motors and generators, often while vessels are at sea, avoiding repair time at dock. CAW is contracted with the South African Navy to perform electrical repairs and services on their fleet of vessels, based across South African shores and 5 ports.




The requirements and much of the equipment found in the petrochemical industry has to withstand special requirements and a trusted partner who understands their specific needs. CAW offers specialised and innovative services to help reduce maintenance time and cost, and improve the efficiency and reliability of equipment. CAW understands that pumps, turbines, compressors, generators and electric motors are essential to your operations, and back this up by being a trusted service partner.
With a full range of services for electrical rotating equipment from inspection to coil manufacture, complete rotor and stator rewinds, as well as re-manufacturing, CAW makes sure equipment on a petrochemical plant runs reliably. Rapid response and prompt turnarounds are our key strengths. The continuous availability and high operational performance of your rotating equipment is our focus. 


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