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Flame, Spark & Dust Proof Motors

Conversion and repair of motors in hazardous areas

(Ex d / Ex n / Ex t)

Trusted for decades in the Western Cape.


CAW is your trusted CERTEX-certified convertor and repairer of flameproof, dustproof, and non-sparking motors for hazardous areas in the Western Cape.

flame and spark proof motors

Flameproof motors, Ex d Repair – SANS 60079-0/1

What is an ex D flameproof motor?

These motors are designated Ex d flameproof and are designed for operation in Zone 1 hazardous areas. They comply with all relevant national and international standards. They are of a rugged cast iron construction, certified to withstand an internal explosion.

Non-sparking motors, Ex n Conversion – SANS 60079-0/15

EX nR – restricted breathing, generally an assembly whereby the enclosure is sealed preventing the ingress of gas. This allows uncertified components to be used internally. However, components which go through the enclosure wall and therefore come in contact with any gas should be suitably certified.

CAW is also certified in the following

  • Non-sparking motors, Ex n Repair – SANS 60079-0/15
  • Dust ignition protection motors, Ex t Conversion – SANS 60079-0/31
  • Dust ignition protection motors Ex t Repair – SANS 60079-0/31

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