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Health and Safety

Safety of our employees is of utmost importance and that is why management is involved, on a day to day basis with the teams to ensure that safety becomes a way of life.

    The company safety officer and representatives ensure that the company adheres and is in compliance with the OHS Act.

    These Clients Trust CAW for Electrical Services. So can you.

    The company has maintained it’s operations in the heavy industrial environment as this is the field where management has extensive experience.

    Clients that work has been completed for.

    • Richards Bay Minerals
    • BHP Bllllton Hillside Smelter
    • BHP Bllliton Bayside Smeller
    • Tronox (Exxaro)
    • Grinnaker
    • Grindrod Terminalsv
    • ABB ( RBM,Amallkulu, Umfolozl,Mandini, Fellxton sites)
    • Siemens (RBM and Mondl sites)
    • Schneider Electric ( RBM and Foskor sites)
    • Umhlathuze Water
    • Mondl
    • Distell
    • SCP
    • Hunting

    Electrical Installations

    We specialize in the installation of all electrical equipment associated with the production processes of our existing and future clients within the marine, industrial and commercial sectors.

    The equipment that we have Installed are, but not limited to the following: Variable speed drives,Motor control centres, motors, cables,cable racking,transformers and all field equipment associated with all the equipment mentioned.

    Our experience and continuous training allow us to provide our clients with quality workmanship and professional installations that we are extremely proud of. Many projects have been completed in record time and the crews know how to work safely under immense pressures and time constraints.

    Our tools and equipment that we have invested in, enable us to complete any installation effortlessly

    MV Equipment and Cabling

    We offer a quality service In the form of breakdown assistance, maintenance and new installations or various MV equipment.

    These include ABB, Cooper, GEC, Merlin Gerin and Nulec in the form or sub station switch gear, auto re-closers and field equipment thorough inspection is done on all components during maintenance to ensure no unnecessary downtime is experienced.


    The company offers cable jointing and terminations of PILC and XLPE cables to 33kV.

    Supply of Electrical Equipment

    Although this is not the company’s core business we are however able to source many products at very competitive prices. This is possible through the relationships we have built with our suppliers and this in turn enables us to afford more discount for the client on certain products. These include but are not limited to:

    • cables,
    • transformers,
    • containers,
    • low and medium voltage products, just to mention a few

    Refurbishment and Retro Fitting

    Refurbishment is the most cost effective way to extend the life period of electrical equipment as opposed to purchasing new. Various OEM’s can supply parts or alternative equipment to be installed into existing enclosures.

    We have successfully refurbished numerous equipment, namely: mini subs, 33kV Switch gear, MCC’s and smaller starter panels/DB’s. Professional finishes according to client specifications are met and exact ratings are maintained according to drawings and equipment removed.

    Auditing, Inspections, and C.o.C.s

    Auditing and electrical inspections have been done on a regular basis for various clients to get an independent view of their electrical installations.

    Reports are compiled together with photographs highlighting the non compliance to SANS 10142 of the installation regulations. The company safety officer and representatives ensure that the company adheres and is in compliance with the OHS Act.

    Maintenance and Breakdowns

    Schedule Maintenance of your Electrical equipment Today and Save!


     Planned Maintenance of electrical equipment is of utmost importance to avoid unnecessary downtime.

     We understand the need to ensure that this task is completed thoroughly. We are experienced in the field of maintenance and have assisted several clients with this form of service.

    Our MCC maintenance for example, covers the following tasks which are documented In our service reports:

    • Busbar chamber-checks Identify hot connections ,cracked or brittle insulators, re-checking torque settings and the blowing out of dust collection
    • Check MCC buckets for contractor condition, hot connections, faulty components and bridged out Protection devices. Untidy wiring is neatened and trunking covers replaced if required. Obsolete switch gear can be identified and reported for future replacement planning. Buckets are cleaned and blown out.
    • Marshaling panel connections are checked for tightness and cleaned out.
    • VSD’s are opened and blown out with visual inspections taking place.
    • Full load motor current settings can be checked according to diagrams (if available)
    • Exterior cleaning of MCC and rooms.
    • Filter system cleaning and filter replacements.

    Critical faults are identified and replaced immediately

    The list of maintenance activities Is endless and clients don’t always have enough resources to successfully complete the schedules. We operate on a 24hr 7 days a week breakdown assistance where required.

    Customer service is what we are about.

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