CAW Electrical Division is Here

electrical services cape town

CAW is very excited to announce and welcome Tony Dobson as our new CAW Electrical Division manager and his team.
Building on extensive electrical experience in the heavy industrial environment, CAW Electrical will bring many benefits to our customers such as:

  • In house supply and installation of electrical equipment, in-house repairs and maintenance
  • Quicker response time to breakdowns
  • Greater control over quality of installation and parts supply.

Commercial Director George Epenetos is excited about the future for the new division:

“Many of our customers are looking for an all-inclusive solution from their supply chain, and we’ve expanded our services to accommodate these requirements.”

“Customer service is at the heart of what we do, so we’ve drawn on our electric motor expertise and the knowledge of Tony’s team to add services like VSD, MCC and other Installations, supply of electric materials and equipment, maintenance and breakdown assistance, refurbishment and retro fitting of equipment, MV Cable terminations and jointing – along with Electrical auditing, C.O.C.’s and inspections, turn Key Project Solutions and Small Panel Building.

What plays a major part of the new electrical services, is the vast experience gained during large-scale successfully completed projects with emphasis on safety and completion targets. For Tony the insights gained from successfully tendering for multi-million-rand link station and dredge contracts could provide customers with invaluable information: “We intrinsically understand the processes and skills required to progress in a very tough environment and we’d like to make this experience available to customers.”

CAW Electrical are specialists in the heavy industrial environment, and offer:

  • VSD, MCC and other Installations
  • Supply of electric materials and equipment
  • Maintenance and breakdown assistance
  • Refurbishment and retro fitting of equipment
  • MV Cable terminations and jointing
  • Electrical auditing, C.O.C.’s and inspections
  • Turn Key Project Solutions
  • Small Panel Building

In adding these new services to its portfolio, the Directors at CAW, George and Nick Epenetos feel they will be able to maintain the company’s reputation for innovation while offering customers an end-to-end service that provides the best value solution.