CAW growth sparks new staff appointment

Featured in Cape Business News

South African specialist in repairs and overhauling of electric motors, Cape Armature Winders have experienced unprecedented growth resulting in opportunities for new and existing employees, including key manager movements and new staff appointments to the national sales team.

Bonga Sodlulashe is CAW’s newly appointed Sales Manager. With a strong background in sales and operations from her days at Government’s Enterprise Development and Facilities Management, Bonga will be a true asset to the team.

Bonga says her career has been an adventure, firstly working within financial services, and later as an ops specialist in government. Growing up in the Eastern Cape, Bonga came to Cape Town to study and has an IMM Marketing qualification as well as a BTech in Business Administration.

Asking Bonga what she appreciates the most in her new co-workers, she says, “they have embraced that women are now participating in this industry.  They were welcoming and do give time to share technical aspects in what we are doing.”

It’s a modern shift that world-wide, women are moving into male dominated sectors. Sandi Rhys Jones OBE, a leading figure in the engineering and construction industries, has before said that “Motivation, passion and an opportunistic attitude will help women get ahead in their careers.”

Bonga shared her own enthusiasm for the industry saying, “I have a sense of wonder when I see a massive motor start up for the first time. I still find it incredible to visit one of our clients offshore rigs and hear those motors running perfectly.”

Bonga says she stays motivated and manages herself by being super organised, and ensuring her deliverables are done for the day. Bonga’s main objective is to significantly grow the business.

Further developments within CAW include Brett Osborn’s appointment as Commercial Manager, and Steven Jacobs appointment as Operations Manager. Cape Armature Winders was founded in 1970 and is the largest super facility in the Western Cape for the electrical and mechanical repair of AC/DC motors, alternators and generators.