CAW Operations

Forward momentum for Cape Armature Winders

Cape Armature Winders (CAW) is excited to announce plans to implement a new operational structure that will align the organisation of their business operations, with their core growth strategies.

Under the new structure, CAW will be organised and managed in five divisions structured largely by sector categories. Beginning September 2015, each division will deliver services and capabilities that are most valuable to their customers businesses. The senior management team will lead and manage all the new divisions and teams.


caw facilities


“The implementation of our new operational structure will be an important step forward for CAW,” says George Epenetos, Director of CAW. “For 45 years our clients and business partners have become familiar with Cape Armature Winders. With the move into our much larger super facility, and expansion of service capabilities, it is important that we have a corporate structure in place that supports the future direction for the mining, transport, marine, oil and gas, industrial, steel, petro-chemical and parastatal sectors of the business community.”

Brett Osborn, Commercial Manager of CAW says, “The reorganisation will help unlock the value of our service and the growth potential of our business. It will drive focused investment on our staff, equipment and infrastructure, to provide a wider range of services to our customers. It is the logical next step in our on-going commitment to excellence.” 

Sharpening their Strategy

A year ago CAW embarked on a new strategy to realise their vision for the next 20 years. Their strategy took flight in their new brand, says Epenetos

“It began with a rebrand to reflect who we are today and to symbolise our dynamic future. This wasn’t a decision we made lightly. We are proud of our rich history. That’s why the CAW logo displays our founding date of 1970, including the blue pantone.”

“Over the years, many people, including our staff and our clients, have gone from calling us ‘Cape Armature Winders’, to the shortened version of ‘CAW’. It’s for this reason that we’ve strived to maintain an iconic and recognizable logo to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our original mark stands for…while simultaneously moving the brand forward.”

Epenetos says they will remain committed to their customers and the deep-rooted values that have held firm for 45 years, by continuing to provide the widest array of specialised services and of the highest quality.