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Transformer Repairs

Trusted, Skilled Transformer Repairs Done On-Site and In-Workshop in the Western Cape

Efficient, skilled transformer repairs done locally in Cape Town, backed by experienced workmanship. Saving you time, resources, and costs!.


Whether on-site or in our fully-equipped workshop, your transformer repair jobs are done efficiently by the experts.

transformer repairs

CAW Transformers offers exceptional workmanship for transformer repair and maintenance. Choose from our workshop and site services for the best in electrical service quality and craftmanship.

On-Site Transformer services

  • Oil purification
  • Re-gasket on site
  • Oil sampling
  • Re-painting on site


Transformer Testing on site

  • Tap ratio testing
  • Short circuit impedance testing
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Winding resistance testing
  • Sampling for oil & gas analysis
transformer repair
transformer repairs

Transformer Repair work done on site

  • Oil leak repair
  • Cork gasket replacement
  • Component replacement
  • Buching change
  • Nitrogen blanketing
  • Oil level top up under vacuum
  • MV cable termination
  • Bus bar manufacture and modifications
    transformer repairs
    transformer repairs

    Transformer Repair capabilities in workshop

    • Rewinding of transformer coils

    • Wash and oven dry of windings

    • Sand blasting of tank

    • Complete refurbishment

    • Electrical testing

    transformer repair

    Discuss your transformer repair requirements with a CAW specialist today!


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