CAW’s Load Test Facility Meets Industry Needs

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CAW recently featured in the Maritime Review Africa publication, interviewed on it’s extensive facility upgrades and confirms it’s continuing to meet the needs of the oil and gas, as well as rail sectors.

The completion of specific contracts for Tronox, De Beers, Petro SA, the South African Navy, and Chevron refinery, has seen significant return on investment for the company.

The fully PLC controlled system is able to accommodate a point of measurement and that motors can be tested at 60 Hertz thereby simulating marine applications, and providing certainty on the performance of refurbished or repaired motors.

“In addition the verification of performance and the ability to ensure system capabilities between motors and drives is recommended prior to storing critical spare motors. Precision torque measurements and power input measurements assess your electric motor’s performance” says George Epenetos, explaining that all load testing is conducted by highly skilled engineers and experienced load testing specialists on site in Killarney Gardens.

He confirms that the ability to undertake load testing on this scale has been welcomed by the industry who were previously sending motors to Johannesburg. The Cape Town option has provided local industry with a cheaper and quicker alternative.

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