CAW repairs large 620kw electric motor

Cape Armature Winders (CAW) has recently completed the repair to a 620kw electric motor during one of its biggest routine maintenance and safety inspection projects for a client.

Motor Specifications

  • 620kw
  • 6.6kva
  • 328rpm
  • Weight: 11tons
  • Rotor Weight: 4.5tons



In early discussions on the repair of this motor, the time frame was set at a full month. Due to tight operational requirements, the client required a much quicker turnaround time.


Co-operating closely with facility maintenance personnel with a joint focus on achieving the emergency repair completion, CAW ensured that the motor was repaired on a 24hr breakdown basis -which resulted in the repair time being cut down to 5 days.

In the past, for a motor of this size, it would have been transported to Johannesburg and both repaired and tested there. However due to the significant facility upgrades and capabilities at CAW, it allowed the motor to be repaired locally, having a massive impact commercially for the client – improving productivity and reducing costs.


Critical Factors on the Repair:

  • The bearing journals were repaired and new bearing cups manufactured
  • The windings were washed, varnished and baked
  • The 4.5t rotor was balanced
  • Replacement new metal bearings were fitted
  • On repair completion, the motor was test run at full speed in our test facility
  • Vibration and motor analysis was completed.

CAW continues to outshine its competitors in an ever-changing market where quality, price and turn around times are critical.