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Electric motors need rewinding when they experience catastrophic motor failure. This could be due to bearing failures or winding failures. There are two angles of approach when it comes to rewinding motors and motor rewinding methods:

  1. Traditional armature winding. Traditional techniques are generally considered to last longer.
  2. The alternative, or mechanical method. The alternative approach may be faster.

The Traditional, Manual Motor Winding Method

The generally preferred traditional motor winding method depends on the previous phase being completed before the next phase is started. This can take several hours.motor rewinding methods

Traditional techniques require higher operating temperatures and therefore a higher insulation class rating. This higher operating temperatures increases pressure on the mechanical components, such as bearings.

However, a reduction of the end turns for I2R stator losses can be easier with the traditional method, unlike the mechanical rewind (alternative) method.

Mechanical Motor Rewinding Methods

The alternative or mechanical motor rewinding methods are faster but need extra, more expensive equipment to complete. However, if the objective is better slot filling, then this may be a desired alternative.

This motor rewinding method involves a cold coils removal process. While this could mitigate the risk of core damage caused by high temperatures during burning out (traditional method), it does not remove the risk of increased motor losses. What is more, some types of epoxy varnishes require a excessive force to remove the coil, which increases the potential of core mechanical damage.

For these reasons, armature winders generally opt for a traditional burnout process in the oven, with controlled burnout temperature, over the cold coils removal process (cold stripping).

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