New Load Test Facility Fully Operational


Cape Armature Winder’s new load testing facility is now fully operational and represents a one of-a-kind facility for the Western Cape as the company gears itself up to offer comprehensive services to the oil and gas as well as rail sectors. Over the last 44 years, Cape Armature Winders has ensured that they continuously expand their service offerings to clients. The new load testing facility reinforces their commitment to this philosophy.

Explaining that they are able to offer a testing accuracy to 0.1 percent, George Epenetos says that the fully PLC controlled system is able to accommodate a point of measurement and that motors can be tested at 60 Hertz thereby simulating marine applications.

Epenetos points out the benefits of load testing refurbished or repaired motors, highlighting that the procedure will certify whether rotating machinery is performing to OEM standards or better.
He recommends load testing to ensure reliability and to validate repairs.

“In addition the verification of performance and the ability to ensure system capability between motors and drives is recommended prior to storing your critical spare motors. Precision torque measurements and power input measurements assess your electric motor’s performance,” he says explaining that all load testing in conducted by highly skilled engineers and experienced load testing staff experts on site in Killarney Gardens.

“Local clients will no longer have to send their motors to Johannesburg for load testing on this scale,” says Epenetos who adds that this will ensure that the service can be undertaken cheaper and within quicker turnaround times.
The new test bay features include:

  • 1600 amp
  • 220 – 720 volts
  • 50 and 60 Hertz
  • 3300 to 6600 volts
  • AC and DC supply
  • Water-cooled eddy current dynometer
  • Computerised touch screen controls with printouts
  • Lock rotor for 25, 50, 75 percent and full load tests up to 450 kw in both directions
  • Temperature monitoring

Epenetos adds that future plans include the ability to offer remote monitoring and data collection for clients via live video feeds. “Through the use of live streaming, clients will be able to enjoy the testing from the comfort of their own offices,” he says.

Commenting on the current outlook for the year ahead, Epenetos says that the future looks promising. “With a focus on the marine and transport sectors, the company is experiencing its biggest growth phase in six years and we anticipate that this will continue,” he says.