More regions now serviced through CAW teams


The implementation of our new business structure, the result of a reorganization of the business into the CAW Group of companies, is an important step forward for CAW (Pty) Ltd. This new structure, at organizational and regional level, ensures that we not only have the operational framework in place to more effectively serve clients, but also greater on-the-ground expertise and reach to meet client needs more directly.

Changes at Organizational Level

The CAW Group is now structured into teams each with significant experience and technical expertise for the repairing of equipment in the following industries:

  • Motors, Generators and Alternators
  • Pumps
  • Engineering
  • Rail

Changes at Regional Level

In order to facilitate the implementation of this new Group and Regional structure we have signed Independent Contractor Agreements with our Regional Sales Representatives who will be selling the services of all the companies in the CAW Group. Each Sales Representative will receive in-depth training to ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of the services offered by the CAW Group, with the CAW Team assisting them with full technical, administrative and commercial support. Our approach is that these Sales Representatives are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

The Regional Sales Teams will provide representation in the following areas:

We strongly believe that this new approach and strategy will unlock even greater value for our Clients, both ensuring improved communication and a more regular CAW presence on Client sites, increasing our ability to assist Clients in finding solutions to problems on-site.

New Appointments: at CAW PUMPS

CAW Pumps is pleased to announce that we have added two new members to our Team.

Stanley Fitch

General Manager (Ex SULZER Regional Manager)

Rudolph Mulder
Workshop Manager (ROBOT Pump Repair Specialist)

We welcome Stanley and Rudolph to the team and wish them all the best in their future with us.

Thank you for allowing CAW to be of service to you.