Why continued repair to motors and pumps may not be the solution

pump repair

Almost every manufacturing plant, commercial building, and municipality depend on pumping systems to operate. Pumps are utilised widely in the industrial sector to provide cooling and lubrication for machinery, to transfer fluids for processing, and to operate hydraulic systems.

A pump accounts for 27% of all the electricity used by industrial systems in manufacturing. In the commercial sector, pumps provide water for heat transfer in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC). Pumps are used by municipalities for water and wastewater transfer and treatment, as well as for drainage. As they serve so many varied purposes, pumps range from fractions of a horsepower to several thousand horsepower.

Pump reliability of critical importance to manufacturers, cities, and commercial concerns. Pump failures in cooling systems can lead to overheating and catastrophic damage; inadequate pump performance in lubrication systems can destroy equipment; and pump downtime can lead to a loss of productivity in petrochemical and power plants.

Pump and motor maintenance and repairs to improve performance

The reality is that pumps and motors wear out, break, and stop performing at their premium over time. This can be extremely costly, not just from a repairs, labour and parts point of view, but from a business disruption and output perspective. This can be due to bearing failures, motor winding issues, electrical faults, and pump cavitation, to name a few.

For this reason, preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance schedules are advised.

But what happens if your motor or pump keeps on failing or needing repair? While many pumps and motors require once-off emergency repairs, or scheduled maintenance, it could be that a more holistic approach is needed than just a ‘quick fix’.

It may be time to look for a solutions provider, not just a repairer

Imagine your car keeps pulling to the right. You keep taking your car to the tyre fitment centre and getting new tyres. But the car continues to pull right – making driving difficult, and potentially dangerous. At some point it would be advisable to step back and approach the car-pulling-right problem from a more holistic perspective. Eg, have the wheel alignment and balancing checked, and not just the tyres.

So too with pumps and motors. If you find you have to repair the same fault over and over again, the problem might be more than meets the eye. Maintenance and repairs are required for all pumping systems, but systems with unusually high maintenance requirements are in need of a solutions provider who can view the problem – and solution – more holistically. 

Failures that occur much more quickly than the manufacturer’s recommended interval should be investigated by pump and motor experts who understand systems, repairs, and maintenance. 

CAW technicians are experienced in solving problems caused by cavitation, frequent energising and de-energizing of a pump motor, and valve seat leakage, all of which can increase the need for repairs. We also understand how to get the best out of your pump and motor systems, for sustained output and increased productivity and profitability. 

CAW understands the unique operational, safety and regulatory framework required to reduce your risk and give you peace of mind when it comes to repairing your critical electrical AC and DC motors, alternators and generators. 


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