Benefits of shutdown maintenance

shutdown maintenance

Planning your shutdown maintenance can be a complicated process. However, the thinking behind it is straightforward: there are some maintenance jobs and inspections that can only be done when the plant is shut down

Think of your car. If you need to change the engine oil, or replace a flat tyre. You can only do these things if you turn the car off. While you might lose some time on the road, and it might cost you the replacement parts and labour, the efficiency, productivity, and safety gains you win from this will more than make up for it.  

flame and spark proof motor


Here are the benefits of shutdown maintenance

  • You can finally carry out equipment maintenance and solve issues that you have not been able to do while the facility is operational.
  • Shutdown gives you the chance to carry out internal inspections of pumpsmotors, and electrics that you cannot do while the plant is running.
  • Shutdowns normally last 4 to 6 weeks. This gives you enough time to install new equipment and do motor overhauls.
  • Shutdowns keep you compliant and within mandatory safety regulations.
  • Shutdown maintenance improves overall plant safety.
  • Some expensive machines have a mandatory shutdown period from time to time in order for the equipment to keep it’s warranty.


Need help to leverage the benefits from your shutdown maintenance?

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