CAW – More than motor repairs

caw motor repairsBy George Epenetos

As a family-owned and operated business in the Western Cape, I am very proud and humbled to say that CAW is the trusted go-to when it comes to motor rewinding, repairs, and maintenance in the Western Cape.

When we started out in the 70’s that was all we did. 

Thankfully, more than fifty years on, and we still humbly lead the way in armature winding, motor repairs, on-site and in-house motor testing, and scheduled maintenance. Plus, CAW is a CERTEX-certified converter and repairer of flameproof, dustproof, and non-sparking motors for hazardous areas. We love that we can offer all of this under one roof to our customers. All backed by our experienced workforce, modern workshops, and world class equipment.

So – if everyone knows that CAW is the trusted name in motor repairs in the Western Cape – then what is this blog really about?

Well, we’ve grown!

That’s right. About seven years ago we rebranded and shifted from Cape Armature Winders, to the more holistic CAW Electro-Mechanical Solutions. Under this umbrella we host amazingly talented technicians, some of the largest and best facilities in the Western Cape, and decades of experience to support your needs.

So, aside from our motor division – which you know and trust – let me take you on a tour of what else CAW offers you.

Did you know we do pumps?

caw pumps

You’ll be pleased to know that our pump division takes care of pump repairs, pump refurbishments, pump maintenance, and pump testing. It is probably the second biggest team at CAW, after motors. 

Our pump division services industries that use pumps for water production and transportation, as well as municipal wastewater collection and treatment plants. 

Our submersible pump test facility is the only one of its kind in the Western Cape, and our facility meets national and international industry standards. In fact, a few years ago we carried out the world’s first HPU pump load test, right here in our workshop in Cape Town.


Did you know we do engineering?


caw engineeringWe offer our clients expert engineering in the Western Cape. That includes general as well as precision engineering, arc metal spraying, and reclamation.

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, we are rather old-fashioned in our views. We do it carefully, and we do it right.

However, when it comes to technology, we have the latest equipment to fully meet your engineering needs.

One of our specialities is that we do on-and-off-site anti-corrosion and erosion metal spraying. We spray stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, zinc aluminium, ALU, bronze, tungsten carbide, and ceramic.


Did you know we do whims coils?

whims coils cape town

The supply of manufactured or refurbished whims coils is quite a specialised offering in which we lead the way. 

Our state-of-the-art winding and testing equipment, combined with the experience of supplying thousands of shim and round wire whims coils, means CAW’s whims coils are of the highest standard and quality.

But don’t just take our word for it. 

Our photographic reporting and fault-finding techniques, plus the fact that QCP is followed to ensure product quality, speak for themselves.


Did you know we do transformers?


transformer repairsThis is our latest offering! We provide transformer repairs in the Western Cape that are done on-site and in-workshop by our trusted, skilled technicians.

Whether the need is oil purification, oil sampling, oil leak repairs, oil top up under vacuum, or sampling for oil and gas analysis, our technicians take care of that, and more. 

For instance, our transformer division does electrical testing, re-painting, short circuit impedance testing, winding resistance testing, MV cable termination, buching changes, rewinding of transformer coils, or a complete refurbishment, CAW technicians are equipped to do this, and more.


Did you know we do electricals?

cape electricals

Our electrical division comprises experienced, well-trained, and dedicated electrical technicians. They take care of electrical installations in the Western Cape

For example, the installation of variable speed drives, motor control centres, motors, cables, cable racking, transformers, and field equipment. We also carry out breakdown assistance, MV equipment and cabling, refurbishments and retro-fitting of electrical equipment, audits and inspections, as well as C.o.C.s. 

Top of mind is the need for planned maintenance of electrical equipment. This ensures downtime and emergencies are kept to a minimum. Our electrical team ensures your optimal uptime through scheduled maintenance, critical fault-finding, and 24/7 repairs service. 


So, what hasn’t changed?

field serviceWith this growth and expansion, one can wonder if the family values upon which this company is built have been diluted. The answer is a resounding ‘no’. 

We are still family-owned and operated. We are still ready to serve. We are still giving you the best of what we have, plus our 24/7 emergency call out support, and mobile workshop.

How can we help?

We’re eager to serve. Contact us today.