Why use a motor rewinding service in Cape Town

motor rewinding methods

If or when your electric motor isn’t working as expected, you may need to make a critical decision about whether you should rewind or replace it. There are many instances when using a motor rewinding service provider in Cape Town like CAW is a better, lower cost, more efficient option to replacing your motor altogether. …

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Benefits of shutdown maintenance

shutdown maintenance

Planning your shutdown maintenance can be a complicated process. However, the thinking behind it is straightforward: there are some maintenance jobs and inspections that can only be done when the plant is shut down.  Think of your car. If you need to change the engine oil, or replace a flat tyre. You can only do…

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CAW’s Winning Five-a-Side Football Team

caw soccer

  Precision. Excellence. Skill. All the things you’ve come to expect from CAW. Now, we are bringing it to the field!   Team CAW Brings It Home at Bayside Fives CAW’s five-a-side soccer team is made up of passionate players, backed by the CAW culture of humility and endurance. “We played against Brentaag on Friday,”…

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CAW – More than motor repairs

green drop maintenance

By George Epenetos As a family-owned and operated business in the Western Cape, I am very proud and humbled to say that CAW is the trusted go-to when it comes to motor rewinding, repairs, and maintenance in the Western Cape. When we started out in the 70’s that was all we did.  Thankfully, more than…

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What you need to know about Green Drops

green drop

    Green Drops – What it is, RSA wastewater systems scores, and how to achieve a good Green Drop score   The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) recently published the highly anticipated Green Drop Certification Programme Report. In the report, only 23 wastewater systems (22 municipal systems and one private system) achieved the…

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Why continued repair to motors and pumps may not be the solution

pump repair

Almost every manufacturing plant, commercial building, and municipality depend on pumping systems to operate. Pumps are utilised widely in the industrial sector to provide cooling and lubrication for machinery, to transfer fluids for processing, and to operate hydraulic systems. A pump accounts for 27% of all the electricity used by industrial systems in manufacturing. In…

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How to Start a Preventative, Predictive Pump & Motor Maintenance Programme

preventative predictive maintenance

Pumps and motors can be extended in life by performing preventative maintenance, thereby making your plant more efficient, productive, and profitable. Preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance quickly allows you to spot potential issues before they happen, protecting your investment and keeping you up and running (and profitable) for longer.  However, in spite of the clear…

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CAW Believes in Investing in Training to Invest in the Future

motor winding in Cape Town

In the modern workplace, training and development has become a critical issue. In today’s business environment there is an increased expectation from staff that they will receive appropriate learning in order to keep up with industry changes or face being replaced by someone who can do so more efficiently than them. More critically, in the…

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Eagerly Serving for 50 Years

caw facilities

How it all began In 1970, Mr Epenetos had a vision to provide industries of every sector with world-class electrical and mechanical repairs to motors. With little more than a plan and prayer he chose Paarden Island as the place to start making this dream come true. Disruptions for growth Slowly, the business started to…

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Cape Armature Winders will be open as an Authorized Essential Service Provider. If our Services will be required from your division or department, we would need a letter to state. For any Repairs or maintenance; Electric Motors All Pumps (All Makes and shapes) Generators Transformers Gearboxes Please Keep it within the limits for essential services…

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