Choosing Between Motor Repair and Replacement: Factors to Consider

motor repair or replace

When your electric motor starts showing signs of wear or damage, you’re often faced with a critical decision: repair or replace? This choice may seem daunting, especially when you consider the financial and operational implications. However, with the right information and guidance, particularly from experts like Cape Armature Winders – the leading specialists in electromechanical…

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Motor Winding Explored

motor winding

Most mining, commercial, industrial, and military machines use electric motors as a critical part of their production and manufacturing. However, at some point all motors will need to be repaired or replaced. Understanding the mechanical basics of motor rewinding will help you make the best decision on which is required.  An armature winding process helps…

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Procurement Professional, 5 Quick Ways to Streamline 2023


  The days when procurement professionals’ only job was to purchase goods and services in response to internal needs are long gone. Rather, today’s modern procurement professional is at the heart of innovation for many businesses. A recent report by Wax’s Digital on the new Procurement Innovation Pathway shows that procurement professionals feel their main…

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