Eagerly Serving for 50 Years

caw team

How it all began

In 1970, Mr Epenetos had a vision to provide industries of every sector with world-class electrical and mechanical repairs to motors. With little more than a plan and prayer he chose Paarden Island as the place to start making this dream come true.

Disruptions for growth

Slowly, the business started to grow and more clients began to trust CAW with the repairs of their motors. In early 2000 CAW moved to their purpose-built facility in Killarney Gardens, and in 2015, the business underwent a shift in operational strategy, structure, branding, and tactics. Along with shortening the longer “Cape Armature Winders” to the customer-friendly “CAW”, they invested into their much larger super facility that significantly expanded their service capabilities.

The increased infrastructure, facilities and skills allowed CAW to repair larger, more specialized equipment that historically had to be transported to Johannesburg to be repaired. This planned disruption made CAW flexible enough to handle fluctuations in market demand, made provision for future expansions, and supported a more agile, future-fit organization.

As a result of these changes, the business developed specialized divisions that cater specifically to the unique needs of CAW’s core customer sectors.

These include:

“The re-organisation not only has positioned us to better serve our customers,” said George Epenetos, Director at CAW, “but it has sharpened our focus when it comes to investing in our staff, equipment and infrastructure. The only way we can continue to deliver outstanding service to modern, evolving clients is for us to remain modern and evolving.”

The heart of CAW

At the heart of most businesses and industries – be they above ground, underground, or on the sea – is a motor. A motor to drive a production line, to keep ships operational, to purify municipal water, to extract or inject; a motor is the heart that keeps businesses moving.

But what keeps CAW moving? “My father taught us to recognize and honor the intrinsic value that every living soul has,” says George Epenetos, Commercial Director of CAW, “no matter what their position or vocation. At CAW, we live by that ethos and it is what fuels our dedication to serve. It doesn’t matter who you will deal with at our company, you will know that we value you, and your business, and that we are sincerely invested in your long-term success.”

In the 50 years of operations, South Africa and the world have experienced significant changes. However, at CAW there are some things that will never change. These core values are:

  • The deep commitment to family and Biblical values that have served as the steady building blocks of this great company.
  • The heartfelt appreciation for every member of staff who brings their best to help others, every day;
  • CAW’s commitment to excellence; and
  • CAW’s ongoing curiosity to discover and innovate new and better ways to solve problems and care for valued customers.

50 years old and stronger than ever

After many years of hard work and excellence in engineering, CAW has become a preferred service provider for repairing motors, alternators, pumps, and generators in Southern Africa. Now, with over 50 experienced, passionate employees, this family owned and operated business has presence in Cape Town, Walvisbay, and Saldanha Bay, and services some of the largest (and smallest) brands in the mining, marine, industrial, steel and petro-chemical industries in Southern Africa, as well as a wide range of parastatals, with ongoing dedication and an eagerness to serve.