Why use a motor rewinding service in Cape Town

motor rewinding methodsIf or when your electric motor isn’t working as expected, you may need to make a critical decision about whether you should rewind or replace it. There are many instances when using a motor rewinding service provider in Cape Town like CAW is a better, lower cost, more efficient option to replacing your motor altogether. 

In fact, a recent study by the Green Motor Practices Group, shows that properly planned and performed rewinds results in zero efficiency loss in electric motors.

Plus, they found that performance improvements, increased power density, reliability and efficiency come as a result from improvements in materials and craftsmanship. 

Who does motor rewinding in Cape Town?

cape armature windersCAW – the trusted name in motor winding and maintenance – stands for Cape Armature Winders. We are one of the largest motor rewinding service in Cape Town. It is what we do best.

CAW’s qualified technicians ensure that your rewound motor meets or exceeds original OEM efficiency. In addition to a detailed, documented specification, CAW follows key best practices, and whenever a repair or rewind is required, a thorough assessment is carried out first.

Here are the benefits of using a motor rewinding service

You save money

Savings can be achieved on both small and large motors, such as enclosed fan-cooled motors using more than 100 horsepower.

You save time

The time involved in rewinding most motors is far less than the time spent buying and installing a replacement motor or dealing with the downtime of a motor that fails completely.

It improves winding

Motor rewinding provides key opportunities to improve motor efficiency. You get better efficiency and loading.

Motor rewinding reduces energy

When an electrical motor runs inefficiently, it wastes a lot of energy. Motor rewinding can increase motor efficiency, reducing energy costs. 

Additionally, it makes operations greener and more environmentally friendly. When you rewind a motor, you breathe new life into an existing motor without the manufacturing and environmental costs of disposing of the old and buying a new one.

Ask CAW to breathe new life into your electrical motors

motor winding in Cape TownAre you ready to save time, money, energy, as well as improve your electric motor efficiency?  

If you need rewinding services in Cape Town, go to our Contact page and fill out our quick form.

Or if you prefer, just give us a call: 021 556 1488 / 071 680 5902 or pop us an email: info@capearm.co.za.