Why Testing Motors Matters

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Who Does ONLINE TESTING in the Western Cape? The Experts at CAW, Eager to Serve.


Cape Armature Winders (CAW) uses top-of-the-range testing technologies – ALL-TEST Pro – to test key motor components. This allows us to test any of your motors safely, giving you peace of mind as well as saving time on unscheduled downtime, repairs or replacements due to motor failure.

The electric motor system for wastewater, steel, automotive or power generation industries is made up of many different parts, all working together to create power. Preventative measures are necessary so your daily responsibilities can continue without interruption.

The professionals at CAW use the ALL-TEST Pro in the Western Cape to provide comprehensive testing in real-world scenarios so you never miss a day’s productivity.


Why Motor Testing is Important

Motor components are susceptible to dirt, dust and debris. To avoid future motor failures, proactive businesses are known to schedule an appropriate amount of time for testing so that motors can be thoroughly maintained. This reduces the risk of damage and loss.

The winding of an electric motor can become faulty in a variety of ways; not many start as ground faults. The winding insulation system is weakened over time, and it can often take just one breakage to create major problems for your business! 

Motor testing is a vital component of a successful, efficient operation. The well-trained staff at CAW provide dependable troubleshooting to help leverage the full value of predictive maintenance through thorough motor testing. 

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Proactive Measures Prevent Burn Out

Many industries use their machines all day, every day, without break or interruption. In the absence of regular maintenance, electric motors are susceptible to degenerative wear and tear. This creates stress on connections, fuses and bearings. 

  • Heat is often trapped in the compact housings where electric motors are typically showcased. 
  • Insulation and motor hardware is further compromised by excessive vibration and fluctuations in temperatures, making your entire operation vulnerable. 
  • Factors such as humidity and moisture take their toll on windings, fans and openings throughout the system. 
  • As time passes, the moving parts of motors stand the risk of being contaminated by dirt, dust and debris, all of which can lead to motors burning out. 
  • Even brand new motors can come to a complete standstill, interrupting productivity for weeks, by something as simple as an unexpected power surge.

It is of vital importance that close attention is given as to the state and condition of electric motors. Proactive businesses make sure to schedule a time for inspections, cleaning, and testing.

Troubleshooting individual components of a motor can often be a case of “more guess than test”, but the qualified staff at CAW use ALL-TEST Pro electric motor testing as the best way to focus efforts in the correct areas.


The Benefits of Electric Motor Testing

  • Faster, better results – Electric motor testing is the fastest, most effective way to understand the condition of your motors. 
  • Prevent issues – CAW uses the ALL-TEST PRO to give you an accurate view of the machine’s health – winding insulation, winding insulation to ground, and rotor – and quickly identifies potential winding faults before they go to ground. Fault examples include:
    • Developing winding faults (turn to turn, coil to coil, phase to phase)
    • Connections
    • Ground faults
    • Contamination
  • Safer, more efficient, more profitable – Testing at CAW not only improves the safety of your machine (and your team), it enhances energy efficiency and saves money on costly repairs. 


Watch Why Test Motors:

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Test and Save! The CAW Promise for Motor Testing

CAW’s effective deployment of Cape Town’s official ALL-TEST Pro ensures we can deliver on the promise of true predictive maintenance and troubleshooting so that you can keep your business running. 

We ensure your motors in the field are reliable, productive and in fine working-order, backing every ALL-TEST Pro motor test with 50 years of motor testing and maintenance expertise.

Let our experienced team give you the insights you need to prevent unforeseen motor failure. 


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