Why Predictive and Preventative Maintenance for South Africa’s Wastewater Treatment Plants are so Important

preventative maintenance

    The key to a long-lasting, reliable operation of motors and pumps is a well-planned preventive maintenance programme. For South Africa’s wastewater treatment plants, unscheduled stoppage of operations, or long repair shutdowns, are intolerable. In the world of pumps, generators, and motors, it is widely agreed that reactive maintenance is not the best strategy…

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Why Testing Motors Matters

motor testing

  Who Does ONLINE TESTING in the Western Cape? The Experts at CAW, Eager to Serve.   Cape Armature Winders (CAW) uses top-of-the-range testing technologies – ALL-TEST Pro – to test key motor components. This allows us to test any of your motors safely, giving you peace of mind as well as saving time on…

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How to Keep Renewable Energy Sustainable in South Africa

South Africa’s power and energy sector has dramatically evolved in the last 10 years, probably more so than any other industry. The Just Energy Transition (JET) as it is known around the world, is causing a global move away from fossil fuels and South Africa is following suit. The The South African government has already…

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Eagerly Serving for 50 Years

caw facilities

How it all began In 1970, Mr Epenetos had a vision to provide industries of every sector with world-class electrical and mechanical repairs to motors. With little more than a plan and prayer he chose Paarden Island as the place to start making this dream come true. Disruptions for growth Slowly, the business started to…

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Cape Armature Winders will be open as an Authorized Essential Service Provider. If our Services will be required from your division or department, we would need a letter to state. For any Repairs or maintenance; Electric Motors All Pumps (All Makes and shapes) Generators Transformers Gearboxes Please Keep it within the limits for essential services…

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CAW’s encouraging BBBEE Partnership with Kamvalethu

kamvelthu bbeee

CAW has been looking for a BBBEE partner that also has a heart for making an impact in the lives of people in South Africa. In Kamvalethu we have found a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) which has a love for children and their education. We are excited at the possibilities that this partnership presents. Children in…

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CAW re-engages with the S.A. Navy for its second contract

The repairs partnership between CAW and the SA Navy has commenced, as the company undertakes the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment to the Navy’s fleet. The contract with the Department of Defense comes after a successful three years with CAW, having completing the electrical repairs for the valour class SA Navy frigates based across…

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CAW ties in with Global partnering

In line with growth strategies Brett Osborn and Morris Golombick recently travelled to INDAR in Spain for training. The INDAR ISMML series is composed of submersible, water-filled and cooled motors designed for driving submersible pumps in a wide range of submerged applications.

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CAW Electrical Division is Here

electrical cape town

CAW is very excited to announce and welcome Tony Dobson as our new CAW Electrical Division manager and his team. Building on extensive electrical experience in the heavy industrial environment, CAW Electrical will bring many benefits to our customers such as: In house supply and installation of electrical equipment, in-house repairs and maintenance Quicker response…

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